There are few pleasures in this world that can top riding in a type of vehicle or transport that you don’t ride in every day. If it is historic or storied or goes through beautiful country, so much the better. But being conveyed in two different ways, that are very much unrelated, might really be one of the world’s biggest treats. Think of toodling along on a bicycle built for two and then going up in a hot air balloon. There is such an interesting combo in NorCal, and it happens right outside of Fort Bragg on the Skunk Train’s line. Okay, we tipped our hand: The famous train is conveyance #1 in this scenario. And conveyance #2? The kayak. Right? You weren’t expecting us to say that. Well, maybe you were, if you looked at the photo above. But trains and kayaks? Not necessarily a partnership that goes hand-in-paddle, for the most part. That’s why we’re intrigued and we’re talking about it.

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