A Treat for Bay Area Kids 

You already know it’s important to feed the kids colorful fruits and vegetables at every meal, but what about the rest of the dining experience?  Make mealtime even more colorful with these adorable placemats from 9Spotmonk, available at one of Giggle’s three Bay Area locations (Chestnut Street in San Francisco, Village at Corte Madera and downtown Walnut Creek).

24 letterpress printed placemats and three non-toxic crayons come in a set and are an affordable treat for the kids at $12 a set.  Use a placemat at home to coax your fussy eater to the table or bring one to dinner out on the town to keep the kids quiet.  Better yet, they work great as birthday party place settings or party favors!
The placemats are printed on recycled paper and can be composted along with whatever is left on junior’s plate after supper.  What an easy way to remind the family that recycling can be both easy and fun.  Check out more placemat designs at 9Spotmonk’s online store.  We especially love the sushi presentation…
—Sarah K. Choi