Whether you want to spell out a first name, initials or nickname, Oversized vintage letter from Timeless Treasuresvintage sign letters  add a personal touch to any kid’s room. While scouring the Alameda Antique Show is one option, it’s time consuming and can be hit or miss to find the letters you’re looking for (Ms are particularly hard to come by). We’ve found 2 places in the Bay Area that carry a pretty good selection of vintage letters and are worth the trip (or at least an initial phone call). Timeless  Treasures, tucked away in lower Pac Heights has an impressive assortment of letters from marquee signs, road signs and old building and restaurant signs in a variety of materials including steel, plastic and enamel. Maison Reve in Mill Valley is more focused on “Urban Farmhouse” style, offering a collection of unique wooden and metal letters found at French and American flea markets. We bet you’ll find a style that fits you to a T.