850 Burlingame Ave
Burlingame, CA 94012

Washington Park is a large 19-acre green space in the center of Burlingame that has pretty much everything, from basketball courts to tennis courts to a full-size baseball diamond! While your little ones might not be ready for the major league just yet, (Go Giants!) we’ll bet that they’ll definitely enjoy the playground here. With fun slides and swings, it’s a can’t-miss, but the rest of the park is almost as fun. Washington Park is actually the oldest park in Burlingame and was once the estate of one of the town’s leading citizens. It became a park in the early twentieth century, and many of the spaces retain an old-timey allure. Play hide-and-seek among the trees, including some majestic California redwoods, or get a game of Mother-May-I going on the expansive lawns. In late summer the rose garden is dreamy, and you can have fun sniffing all the varieties to see if the different colors have different smells. Washington Park is also the perfect place for a picnic, with tables galore and plenty of green grass on which to spread a blanket. Grab some goodies from La Corneta or the Copenhagen Bakery and enjoy the sunshine while you munch. Watch out for doggie “presents” though, as not all of the neighborhood dog-owners are scrupulous about cleaning up after their pooches.