It’s hard to believe that April is here! Our massive virtual events calendar is here to offer up new activities for families to do this weekend from live zumba and meditation classes to virtual meet-and-greets with your favorite animals. Let us be your guide and scroll down for some of our favorite options!

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Make DIY Instruments & Start a Family Band
From CD cymbals to singing straws, these DIY instruments will have your clan putting the Jonas Brothers to shame.

Join Your Favorite Local Musicians for a Jam Session
If you are missing your favorite classes like Music with Megan and Charity and the JamBand, fear not! You can stream them live from your living room! Charity has a Jamboodas class available on Friday and Megan has all sorts of live interactive classes available.

Gear Up Those Green Thumbs
Learn how to regrow vegetables from scraps, make a dinosaur terrarium and more indoor gardening activities that will get you geared up for spring planting.

Explore the Winchester Mystery House
The Winchester Mystery House has offered up free tours and we are totally here for it!

Work It Out
Stay sane and get the wiggles out with an online fitness subscription. Here are 22 of our favorite at-home exercise programs.

Go to the Opera in Your Pajamas
The Metropolitan Opera announced, “Every night, we’ll be offering a different complete operatic gem from our collection of HD presentations from the past 14 years.” Grab your popcorn and enjoy the music.

Watch Films from Yesteryear
Cuddle up with the kids and watch these must-see 80s movies to give them a glimpse into your childhood.

Dinner & Conversation
Have some quality discussions around the dinner table with these 29 fun questions to ask each other between bites.

Go Museum-Hopping from Your Couch
From the Musée d’Orsay, Paris to the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, here’s how to visit museums all over the world via your laptop.

Catch Up with Grandma & Grandpa
Set up a video call or have the kids write a good old-fashioned letter to keep in touch with their grandparents.

—Kate Loweth


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