Toy trends come and go, but one that has stood the test of time: LEGO bricks. Building LEGO creations is something the whole family can get into, but you’ve probably noticed building a stockpile is spendy. Enter a new trend: the resale shop. These small businesses are popping up all over the Bay. They offer everything from new and used LEGO sets, hard-to-find pieces, and bulk sales. Read on to find out how you can save big.

Bricks and Minifigs
This locally-owned franchise is the only Bricks and Minifigs in all of California and we’re so lucky it’s nearby. They have a huge selection of LEGO and DUPLO sets and minifigs. They also have classes, camps, and super fun party packages for LEGO lovers of all ages. The family that runs it is super knowledgeable and they’re eager to help you get the right pieces.

2250 Commerce Ave, Suite B
Concord, Ca

King Bricks
This self-described LEGO Hobby Store will buy, sell, and trade. Tucked above a restaurant in downtown Concord, this spot is only open on weekends. But they offer great deals and personalized service. It’s a great spot to check out if you have a specific project in mind. And if not, check out the LEGO art for inspiration.

2045 Mt. Diablo St., Suite107
Concord, Ca

The Brick Hutt
A father and son opened the Brick Hutt as a way to spend more time together. It’s now grown into a place where families from all over the Bay come to play, explore, and learn all about LEGO. You can find sets and bulk LEGO bricks with a huge variety of price points. Before you make the drive, beware they’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

5430 Commerce Blvd, Suite C
Rohnert Park, Ca

The Collectors Cave
You’ll find a variety of collectible toys in this eclectic shop, including new and vintage LEGO sets. You’ll probably even find some of the sets you had when you were a kid! The super-friendly staff can help guide you and your family to the perfect purchase.

2072 Union St.
San Francisco, Ca

Toy-Go-Round has all kinds of new and used toys, which includes a great selection of LEGO products. Their stock changes often, but you can always find plenty for the LEGO-lover. In the past, they’ve had sets for sale, as well as bagged loose bricks—perfect for building your stash!

1361 Solano Ave
Albany, Ca

All images courtesy the author

Do you have any favorite LEGO memories from your childhood?

—Melissa Bouse