A visit to the mall Santa isn’t easy for every child. Now a collab between Autism Speaks and Cherry Hill Programs wants to make it possible for all kiddos to take part in this treasured holiday tradition.

Sensory-friendly “Santa Cares” events give children with autism the chance to visit with the man in the big red suit—minus the noise, crowds, sights and sounds you’d find in most malls or public spaces.

Along with a sensory-friendly experience, families can also reserve a time to visit with Santa. This eliminates wait times and makes the experience more enjoyable. Ruth Rosenquist, Marketing and PR Director for Cherry Hill Programs, said in a press release, “Most of all, Santa remains flexible, standing behind his chair or kneeling beside a wheelchair to capture unforgettable moments and smiles on camera.”

Rosenquist continued, “We are grateful for our compassionate mall clients that open their doors early to provide the time-honored tradition of a visit with Santa in a more subdued setting.”

To find a sensory-friendly Santa event near you, visit Autism Speaks here.

—Erica Loop

Photos: Courtesy of Autism Speaks and Cherry Hill Programs



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