It’s been a long day. Like, a really, really long day. And the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot slave for the next hour and a half — alone, as you bake up a batch of brownies for your fourth grader’s school fair. Well, Sarah Michelle Gellar has a fix for you. And it’s at Target! Check out what the former vampire slayer has cooking.

If you haven’t heard of Foodstirs yet, you need to. Gellar, along with business partners Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman, wanted to create a wholesome baking mix. Oh, and they didn’t want to just box up any ol’ chemical-filled gunk. Nope.


Foodstirs is easy, quick, organic and non-GMO. Gellar always cared about what she ate. But after becoming a mama, this, according to her, “increased tenfold.” When she, and her business partners, started thinking about getting their kiddos’ into the kitchen, they couldn’t find a healthy boxed baking alternative.

So the group did what they had to do — they made their own. But instead of making a mix that takes forever to bake (who has time for that?), Foodstirs mixes take less than 25 minutes each.

If you need homemade baked goods pronto, you can get this healthier option at your local Target.

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