photo: Whiskey River Soap Co. 

Ahh, bath time. You pour in the bubbles, maybe light a few candles and relax for something like an hour in the tub. Umm, no. Now that you’re a mama, chances are that anything that remotely resembles relaxation is out of the question. But if you do have a spare minute or two, check out these absolutely on-target (and totally hilarious) bath products that every mom needs!

Whiskey River Soap Co. makes some pretty rad products. Sure, they’re fully functional bath products. But they’re also completely comical too. Seriously. “A Bathbomb for What Kids?” smells like what? Well, according to the company, this bathbomb, “smells like a locked door.” A locked door? What’s that? Yeah we know, the last time you could close and lock a door, without your kiddo’s hands pounding on it, was years ago.

If your week is just waaaaay too long, take a look at “A Bathbomb for It’s Only Frickin’ Tuesday” — because, it, “smells like slowly dying.” And if you could care less about what anyone else thinks, then “A Bathbomb for Queens” with its, “smells like major drama” is what you need.

Oh, and of course the Whiskey Rover Soap Co. has soap too. Duh. There’s the “Caf-Fiend” roasted coffee soap, “Soap for #Blessed People” that’s “scented with extra specialness,” “Soap for Hipsters” that “smells like coffee, bacon and craft beer” and “Soap for Okay Moms” that “smells like truth. And wine. Probably a lot of wine.” Are you laughing yet?

What do you think about these too-funny bath products? Share your thoughts (or your best pick) in the comments below.