There is nothing more exciting than sharing your baby joy with the universe. The announcements seem to get cuter and craftier by the day. Just type in “pregnancy announcements” on Pinterest and cancel all of your life’s plans for the next three days. Once you fall down that rabbit hole it is damn near impossible to claw your way back out. Unfortunately not all announcements are tasteful and adorable. Some are in fact downright creepy. Here are some of the announcements that will make you wonder what these couples were thinking.


The Proud Parents To Be


I’m going to guess that this was an unplanned pregnancy.

Creative Cat Creeps


Meow! Please be actors who met and fell in love while touring with Cats on Broadway.


You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!


She looks way too content for being held hostage by a crazed gunman.


Our Love Can Never Be Separated 


I love you so much even this giant tire can not keep us apart baby.

Get Out Of There, Carter!


Happy holidays, Baby Carter!

 The Funny and Romantic Epidemic Announcement


Hooray Zika?

After seeing these I am genuinely thankful I never have to send out a cute pregnancy announcement again.