May 24 is National Scavenger Hunt Day so we’ve put together the world’s easiest way to celebrate. Just click the links below to print out the hunt (or hunts) of your choosing and keep the kiddos entertained! From the morning commute to a nature hike, we’ve got you covered.

photo: Miloš Marković via flickr 

1. Taking a hike? Whether it’s a few miles or a few blocks, check out this cool checklist for nature lovers.

Nature Hike Printable

photo by Amit Patel via flickr 

2. Going bigger, as in, National Park hike bigger? We’ve got a list for that too!

National Park Scavenger Hunt

photo: born1945 via flickr

3. Going birding? This one’s perfect for the birdwatcher but works just as well right from the window.

Bird Watching Printable

photo: Inner Urban via flickr 

4. Stay at home! Trying to keep the kiddos busy while you’re trying to cook or just want to keep them busy period? Try this list of items to search for in your own pantry.

Pantry Essential Scavenger Hunt

5. Make your morning. Heading out for the day doesn’t have to be boring! Try a morning commute scavenger hunt to keep them motivated along the way.

Morning Commute Scavenger Hunt

photo: Kevin Jarrett via flickr

6. Look up and down the block. When you’re out on the town, try out a building seek and find list for architects of all ages!

Building Scavenger Hunt 

What kind of scavenger hunt do you want to do? Tell us your ideas in the comments below! 

No-Work Scavenger Hunts You Can Print Out Now