Is your school or non-profit in need of financial support for supplies, bonuses, program development, additional resources, or facility improvements? Red Tricycle has the way to help you meet your needs!

Introducing the “Red Tricycle Giving Back Program“,  which is designed to help your daycare, school, or non-profit organization meet its yearly fundraising goals. If you are in the business of educating children or a non-profit focused on helping families of young children, you qualify for this turnkey fundraising program.  It’s simple – for every new subscriber that signs up for our free newsletter and puts your school or non-profit organization name in the “Referred By” box, we’ll donate $1 to your organization. We estimate that the average school or non-profit can have a viral reach that amounts to roughly $3000!

Fundraising that’s Easy!
We offer the best vehicle for simple, easy to navigate fundraising. We make the process simple and give you the tools you need to effortlessly supplement your current fundraising programs.

How does it work?

  • Register your school/non-profit and we’ll provide you with the outreach materials.
  • Your participants will be tracked and available to you online, allowing you to see just how much your school or non-profit is earning!
  • At the end of the program (three months from start date) we will send you $1 for each verified participant.*

How do I get the word out?
Simply send out an email to your school or organization mailing list letting them know about our program. Get everyone involved and be sure to include your alumni, current families, vendors, clients, partners and other extended network as well. The sign-up form is online and only one step.

Ready to join?
1. Email us with the name of your school/non-profit and contact information.

2. Spread the word!  We will supply you with a sample letter to hand out or you can simply copy and paste this in an email:

Red Tricycle ( wants to help us meet our fundraising goals! For every person that signs up for their free newsletter and adds our organization’s name in the “Referred By” box, Red Tricycle will donate $1. Click here to sign up now:

Ready to go? Then email us at to get started.

Ride On!
Your Friends at Red Tricycle

* Upon program completion, payment will be based on the verification of each email as a current subscriber. Those who unsubscribe during the program’s three month time frame will not be included in the total tally. Emails will not be shared with any third party.  For more details, see our privacy policy at