Senior picture day is usually a time to put your best look on display as you prepare to transition into the “real world.” At North Farmington High School in Michigan, however, senior class photos are about something else entirely: the laughs—and thankfully, we have the photos to prove it!

The suburban Detroit high school has gone viral for its long-standing tradition, where its entire senior class opts to take their annual school photos in costume. These photos end up being used the entire year on their school IDs, which means depending upon who you come dressed up as, you could spend the entire school year being identified as anyone from Princess Leia to Dwight Schrute.

The senior class of 2017 went viral last year when their batch of costumed photos made the rounds on Twitter. In light of those 15 minutes of fame, this year the senior class decided to kick things up a notch and their costume game is seriously on point.

The class photos represent a wide variety of unique choices including their favorite childhood TV and movie characters.

There are also some popular memes in the in the mix…

…As well as some IRL heroes.

If the kids put this much creativity into their post-high school endeavors, they will definitely be going places.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Erin Sawyer via Twitter



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