How much of their lunch do your kids eat? Umm, half of it? Maybe three-fourths? You pack sandwiches, fruit, applesauce, fruit snacks and pretzels galore. And the lunchbox comes back with enough food to feed another child. Well, that’s exactly what schools across the country are doing. The share table is becoming a regular part of school lunchrooms, and we’ve got the details that you need to know.

Okay, so your child in no way wants to finish everything you’ve packed in her lunchbox. She  could just toss the leftover stuff in the trash. But that’s wasting perfectly good food. So schools are creating share tables to reduce the waste and give kids who need something to eat the chance to fill their bellies.

School share tables aren’t exactly new. They’ve been popping up across the country for some time now. They’re so popular that some state agencies, such as the Ohio Department of Agriculture and Ohio Department of Health, have even created guidelines for schools to follow.

Instead of trashing unused foods, kids are asked to put new, unopened items on the share table. They can also take an item — if something strikes their fancy. Many schools also donate the remaining food (that stays behind after lunch is over) to local food banks.

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