With families spending a lot more time outdoors in the coming months, a scooter is a great option to have on hand to make the most out of your neighborhood walks. There are three-wheeled scooters for little ones, scooters that convert to a tricycle and even electric scooters for when you want to up the power. Which one will be your family’s favorite?

Best Scooter That Ages Well: Razor A Scooter

Razor was the first to market in 2000 (maybe you even had one back in the day) and they've managed to stay a step (or a scoot ahead) of the competition throughout the years. Why? The scooter is aluminum, which makes it lightweight, yet durable. Handlebars can be adjusted easily, and while there's no assembly required when you open the box, the scooter does fold down for quick and easy carry and storage. 

For ages 5+

Price: $29.99

Buy it here 

For Blues Clues Fans: Blues Clues Swinging Blue Scooter

We love this too cute scooter that comes with three wheels for extra stability. As the child leans each direction, the scooter and Blue lean with the rider making the scooter a fun and interactive toy for children ages 3-7 years old.

Price: $39.99

Buy it here

photo: Erin Lem

Best Scooter for Toddlers and Beginners: Micro Kickboard Original

For those first learning to balance and ride on wheels, we suggest the original Micro Kickboard (tried and tested by our Editorial Director's toddler son who picked it up after just a handful of outings). We were impressed with the scooter's engineering: it's stable and easy to balance on without feeling flimsy, simple to steer and tough as nails (or as Mico Kickboard says, they're "virtually indestructible" and we'd have to agree). The design and quality of the scooter means it'll still be in great condition year after year, which is the type of product we love investing in.

For kids ages 2 to 5 years.

Price: $79.99

Buy it here

photo: Swagtron

Best Convertible Scooter: Swagtron 4-In-1 Scooter & Trike

It's a scooter! It's a bike! It's  . . . both! Swagtron's K6 4-in-1 scooter has a simple-to-use modular design capable of switching between two- and three-wheeled versions of both a balance bike and stand-up kick scooter. It's perfect for growing with kids as their balance and skills increase. With the simple click of a button, the seat of the balance bike rotates to become the deck of a stand-up scooter. Use two rear wheels in either mode for greater stability or swap out for a single wheel. The single wheel features a heel brake for use in scooter mode, just like the big kids. 

For kids ages 2 to 5 years.

Price: $49.99 & up

Buy it here

East to Control: Mongoose Expo

The Amazon reviews speak for themselves but the key element to this scooter is the big air-filled tires which provide some natural suspension to ride over multiple terrain options. The scooter also comes standard with hand brakes which are an added convenience not typically seen on standard kick scooters.

Price: $119.99

Buy it here

Best Scooter That Even Parents Love: Svolta

When SVOLTA designed their scooters, they essentially made scooters they (adults) wanted to ride, but in kid sizes. They opted for premium materials, so the construction is solid and sturdy. The scooters ride smoothly and have a variety of added style details like matte satin finishes, champagne gold accents and lightning bolt patterns. They've got different scooters for little ones (the 2-in-1 sit and stand convertible), toddlers (3-wheel kick scooter) and bigger kids (2-wheel kick scooter) so you'll be able to find something that works for you. 

For kids ages 2 and up

Prices: $89-108

But it here

Best Scooter for Any Age: Globber ULTIMUM Scooter

Tired of having to upgrade your kid's scooter as they grow? The ULTIMUM scooter from Globber solves this problem. Designed to be used from age 5 all the way up to adults, the scooter has a 6-height adjustable T-bar and adjustable steering angle control system. The extra-wide scooter deck supports up to 220 lbs. and comes with an anti-slip deck design. You'll love that the scooter folds down for easy carrying. 

Ages 5 and up

Cost: $149.99

Buy one here

Electric Scooters

photo: Segway

Best Powered Scooter: Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8

If you are looking to add a little power to your scooter, check out this option from Segway. The Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8 has a max speed of 8 mph with 4 hours of charge time. There's a hand-operated brake plus a foot brake for easy stopping. It also comes in 10 mph and 12 mph models. 

Ages 6-12

Required height 3’9”–4’9”

Cost: $199.99

Buy yours here

photo: Segway

Best Powered Scooter for Tweens/Adults: Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES1L

You'll love the smooth ride from this Segway scooter that has won design awards and is a favorite of tweens, teens and grown ups. Whether you use it to commute or just to tool around the neighborhood, you'll love the front electronic, and rear foot brakes to keep you safe. Headlights make you stand out when the sun goes down and the max speed of 12.4 mph gets you where you need to go. 

Age 14+

Max weight 220 lbs.

Cost: $299.99

But it here

—Kate Loweth

Featured photo: istock


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