Modern-day conveniences are a parent’s best friend. Can you even remember the last time you had to go buy diapers at the store instead of having them delivered via Amazon? Smartphones and apps are also a necessity for busy parents, saving you both time and money, and even helping you discover new and fun things to do with your family. Click through the gallery for 10 must-have apps every Seattle parent should have at their fingertips.

PayByPhone Parking App

Make parking downtown hassle-free (well, as hassle-free as parking downtown can be) with the PayByPhone Parking app. This helpful app offers secure payment, quick registration, and the option to pin your parking location to a map so you never forget where you parked your car.

Bonus feature for parents: You can extend your parking remotely so if your kids spend a little too much time watching the harbor seals at the aquarium, you can rest easy knowing you won’t get ticketed.

Download: iPhone or Android
Cost: Free

What is your favorite go-to Seattle app? Tell us about it in the Comments below.

— Abbey McGee

all photos courtesy of iTunes Preview