Hooray, you’ve got a little web-footer on the way! Despite the morning sickness, impending stretch marks and that being sleepless in Seattle will soon hold new meaning for you, there’s lots to love about this time. And even more to love about doing it in Seattle. Here are 11 reasons the Emerald City is the best place around to grow your bump!

Lincoln Park family and preg mom

photo: Sarah Barnard

1. The rain. It’s not often Seattleites count the rain as an asset, lush greenery and double rainbows aside. But when you haven’t outed your bump, the requisite rain gear Seattleites don 9 months of the year is an ingeniously inconspicuous way to keep things on the DL ’til you’re ready to reveal the Big News. Hiding in plain sight doesn’t get any easier than this!

Baby bump heart with sib

photo: Tonya Todd

2. Babymoon bonanza. When it comes to babymoons, Seattle’s got a serious corner on the market. Between the San Juan Islands, Hood Canal and Lake Chelan, we’ve got gorgeous babymoon destinations close to home that others have to board a plane to enjoy. Take one while you can!

Pregnant mom on beach

photo: Colleen Murray

3. Outdoor farmer’s markets. Local, sustainable, organic. Consider these the everyday perks of Seattle’s bountiful farmer’s market scene. But when you’re eating for two, the real cincher is the open-air factor. Eating fresh without overloading your super sensitive nose? Yes, please!

Prego mom at gum wall Seattle

photo: Melinda Wong

4. Cool summers. Pregnancy is just one of those times that Seattle’s cooler-than-most summers come in handy. 75 degrees with a slight breeze off the Sound beats just about any other day, anywhere. Plus it’s just what the OB ordered for your ankles!

Pregnant moms on Alki

photo: FIT4MOM West Seattle

5. Excellent exercise. You were active before your pregnancy and a bun in the oven isn’t about to slow you down. Thankfully, Seattle’s fitness scene can keep pace with you (and baby-to-be!). There are plenty of classes to keep you active in the prenatal stages, and to help you reconnect with your skinny jeans once baby arrives, too!

Donna Ryan photo preg mom and kid exercise

photo: Donna Ryan

6. Fab photo shot spots. Documenting your bump and its progress is a definite must on the pregnancy checklist. Where to do it is not so easy to decide. Among the brightly blooming rhodies in the Arboretum? Along Alki with a full-blown view of the city as a backdrop? Amid the giant sculptures and greenery of the Olympic Sculpture Park? Clearly Seattle’s got tons of picture perfect options for your cute little bump’s first photo shoot. And you thought waiting for a sunny day would be the hard part of this one!

Sasha Reiko photo kid kissing mom's belly

photo: Sasha Reiko

7. Runway-ready bumps. Styling your belly in Seattle is easy peasy and thankfully doesn’t require flannel anymore! You and your peanut can pick up hot mama-to-be fashions at Village Maternity in the U District so you can look your best around town. It’s true what they say, the clothes really do make the belly!

Village Maternity's FB page

photo: Village Maternity’s Facebook page

8. Food, glorious food. If those aggressive late night cravings for ice cream and pickles haven’t kicked in yet, they will. Lucky for you (and whoever’s making the midnight runs) there are plenty of neighborhood ice cream shops to satisfy your sweet tooth. Between the creative flavor combos at Molly Moon’s, Full Tilt and Husky Deli, you’re sure to find the perfect scoop. And if you need a side of pickles to go with that, order up some gewürzgurken at Feierabend in South Lake Union. Mission complete!

Molly moon woman ice cream from FB

photo: Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Facebook page

9. Delicious deliveries. It’s hard work being pregnant! Between those practically narcoleptic moments when you need a nap now and that super smeller you developed sometime in the first trimester, cooking sometimes needs to take a backseat. Enter local meal delivery services that equal nourishment for you and your bump. Go ahead, take that nap you really need!

Preg mom and kids Gasworks Seattle

photo: Melinda Wong

10. Baby-safe pedis. There comes a point in any pregnancy where you won’t be able to see your toes anymore, let alone polish them. When that time comes, Julep can help. Their polishes are safe for moms-in-the-making so you can sit back and relax while your toes get pretty.

julep via yelp

photo: Kristy S. via Yelp

11. Zulily’s sample sale. It happens here once a year. And it rocks! With finds for now and after baby arrives, it can’t can’t be beat… if crowds don’t scare you.

Why do YOU think it’s great to be pregnant in Seattle? Tell us in the Comments!

— Allison Sutcliffe