Work schedules, home schedules, the crying baby’s lack of a schedule…it’s 5pm and you have no clue what’s for dinner.  More often than not, it can be downright hard to plan a tasty meal every night of the week. At RT, we always like to make your life as a parent a little easier and that’s why we’re psyched to announce two new places that will help you answer that age-old question, “What’s for dinner?”

68For six years now, Red Ribbon Gourmet has been quietly gathering a following of Eastside families. It’s simple. Drive up, check out the gourmet offerings in the freezer case, take home and pop in the oven (NO thawing required). We know quite a few Red Tricycle families who rave about the Taco Pie because it’s not too spicy and the kids gobble it up! They also carry a variety of hors d’oeuvres and desserts – perfect for hosting your next mom’s group. This week, Red Ribbon Gourmet opens its new shop in Downtown Bellevue-just off Old Main Street.

Patrons (both old and new) of Designed Dinners will love the whole new vibe opening at their Belltown location in mid-April. Urban Wine Cafe by Designed Dinners will still offer a pick-up location for your online meal orders, but now you can just pop in on your way home to pick up a single meal (and even a bottle of wine) if that’s all you need. Hungry? Sit down in the Cafe’s new lounge for a glass of wine and a modestly priced menu of tapas-style portions of the Designed Dinners monthly menu. (Mention Red Tricycle and get 10% off in store purchases during the month of April.)

Psst! Take-away from either company offers the perfect “visit the baby” gift for any new parents.
Red Ribbon Gourmet

Downtown Bellevue – 14 102nd Ave NE (off of Old Main St)
*You can also call the Bellevue office for pick-up at their Redmond Kitchen

Urban Wine Cafe by Designed Dinners
Seattle/Belltown – 159 Denny Way
Meal-prep sessions (or pick-up) in Madison Park and Redmond too.

Angie J. Ballas