As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome fall, now is a good time to squeeze in a few more playground outings before the weather turns cold and wet. And what better way to slide into autumn, than by actually sliding. We’ve rounded up a handful of playgrounds with kid-approved, fun-filled slides. Just remember… when you take the tykes to these playgrounds, it’s more up and down and up and down (and well, you know the drill).

Artists at Play Playground

With the Experience Music Project as a backdrop and the Space Needle looming overhead, this awesome playground, which boasts two huge tube slides, is bound to capture a few little dare devils’ attention. The long straight slide is 52-feet long; the curly slide is about 38-feet long and neither are for the faint of heart. Psst… Rumor has it the curly slide is a little scary! But to slide down, kiddos have to first climb up, either through a spider web of ropes or up that tall climbing tower. And then it’s a matter of crossing swaying bridges high above the ground. After that, it’s a hair-raising ride back down to terra firma. And for kids who aren’t afraid of heights, think of the view they get of EMP and the surrounding Seattle Center from way up there.

Good to Know: The bigger climbing tower and slides are recommended for children ages 5 and up. However, parents should use their own judgment as to how much of the playground their child can handle.

Park Extra: The playground includes a smaller play structure for the younger set as well as kid-inspired musical instruments, listening stations and sound swings.

Artists at Play Playground
Seattle Center – Next 50 Plaza
305 Harrison St.
Seattle, Wa 98109

photo: Natalia Dotto Photography

Where is your family’s favorite place to slide? Tell us in the Comments below.

— Natalia Dotto