As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome fall, now is a good time to squeeze in a few more playground outings before the weather turns cold and wet. And what better way to slide into autumn, than by actually sliding. We’ve rounded up a handful of playgrounds with kid-approved, fun-filled slides. Just remember… when you take the tykes to these playgrounds, it’s more up and down and up and down (and well, you know the drill).

Jefferson Park

This awesome park on Beacon Hill is within the sixth largest park area in Seattle and home to paralleled views of the Duwamish River, the Emerald City and the Olympic Mountains. It also boasts not one, but two slides that will have your dynamos climbing up and sliding down for hours. The first slide is the more traditional metal slide. What’s not traditional is the way to get to the top. From a semicircular ladder to a climbing wall. It’s possible the going up could be more fun than the sliding down.

Park Extra: Follow the squeals of glee over at the covered slide, near the splash park. This long blue tube is fast and furious. Beware: Kids will clamber all over each other to take this ride.

801 Beacon Ave. S.
Seattle, Wa 98108

photo: Natalia Dotto Photography

Where is your family’s favorite place to slide? Tell us in the Comments below.

— Natalia Dotto