As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome fall, now is a good time to squeeze in a few more playground outings before the weather turns cold and wet. And what better way to slide into autumn, than by actually sliding. We’ve rounded up a handful of playgrounds with kid-approved, fun-filled slides. Just remember… when you take the tykes to these playgrounds, it’s more up and down and up and down (and well, you know the drill).

Alki Playground & Whale Tail Park

Next to Alki Elementary and close to the beach, Whale Tail Park is a favorite hangout for West Seattleites. Kids love climbing on the “whale tail” sculpture that flanks one end of the park and taking make-believe voyages on the playground’s very own boat. But it's the two slides that make this playground a hit with the minis.

Park Extra: The playground is just a short stroll to Alki Beach Park, where a picnic on the beach or fish 'n chips are in order.

5817 S.W. Lander St.
Seattle, Wa 98116

photo: Kristina Moy

Where is your family’s favorite place to slide? Tell us in the Comments below.

— Natalia Dotto