As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome fall, now is a good time to squeeze in a few more playground outings before the weather turns cold and wet. And what better way to slide into autumn, than by actually sliding. We’ve rounded up a handful of playgrounds with kid-approved, fun-filled slides. Just remember… when you take the tykes to these playgrounds, it’s more up and down and up and down (and well, you know the drill).

Bayview-Kinnear Park

Kerry Park on Queen Anne is known for its signature view of Seattle’s skyline. And the park below it for it’s double barreled slide. Bayview Kinnear Park has a plethora of playthings to keep half pints busy. And the slides that stretch from the playground to the play field below add to the fun. Parents should feel free to jump in and challenge their kiddo to a good ol’ slide race.

Good to Know: From Upper Queen Anne, you can access the park via the stairs that lead down from Kerry Park.

3rd Ave. W. & W. Prospect St.
Seattle, Wa 98119

photo: Natalia Dotto Photography

Where is your family’s favorite place to slide? Tell us in the Comments below.

— Natalia Dotto