It’s chewy, it’s slurpable, it’s creamy, it’s sweet—it’s all the things kids love. If you’re unfamiliar, boba tea, also referred to as bubble tea or pearl tea or a host of other names, is a Taiwanese beverage made popular in Asia before it caught on in the States. Boba refers to the chewy, dark tapioca balls that most commonly fill the bottom of the cup, but some places use seeds, cubes of jelly, and other enjoyable textural contrasts you can gulp up those fat straws. Ready to try? Click through the gallery to see our favorite places for boba tea.

WOW Bubble Tea

Like most University District businesses, this spacious hangout is dotted mostly with college kids, but that doesn’t mean you and your littles will feel out of place. In fact, the colorful décor seems made for kids, as does the menu: Not only the syrupy milk teas, but also the smoothies and frozen yogurt as well.

Take note: There’s a difference between the natural smoothies and the WOW smoothies—one includes actual fruit, the other contains sugar and flavoring.

Worth a try: If you grew up with those liquid-center gummy candies from the ‘80s, introduce your mini sugarholic to the same wonder by ordering the popping boba in strawberry, lychee, mango, or kiwi flavors. They pair well with a simple milk tea flavor like coconut, almond, or vanilla.

4553 University Way N.E.
Seattle, Wa 98105
Online: on Facebook
Hours: Mon.-Sat., 1 p.m.-12 a.m.

photo: Chelsea Lin


Have your kids tried bubble tea before? Where’s your favorite place to indulge? Let us know if we’ve missed your fave spot in the Comments below!

— Chelsea Lin