Back-to-school shopping can put a big dent in a parent’s wallet. Between the new kicks, new cuts and multiple boxes of No. 2 pencils, finding quality clothes at bargain prices is a must. Lucky for us, Seattle has some of the hippest consignment stores around. Click through the gallery and get ready to outfit your little trendsetter. This is back-to-school shopping at its green-loving best.

For Style and Function: Bootyland

Bootyland, located at its new home in the Wallingford Center, is the epicenter of sustainable clothing for kids. From upcycled to recycled, organic to hemp, these mamas know how to help you practice what you preach.

Sell with them: Bootyland is a great place to take your vintage and trendy clothing to consign. Leave the pastels and cutesy Carter play sets at home. Instead, bring baby rocker shirts and stylized, modern jeans for kids that appeal to trendy urban parents and their little ones. If you’ve got vintage clothing, the season doesn’t matter, otherwise think seasonal. And they’re always on the lookout for outdoor tech gear, like boots and jackets, and the ever-popular Keenes (it must be a Seattle thing!). If you’re bringing in less than 10 pieces, you can do that any time during business hours, except Saturday. But if you’ve got more for them to look at, call ahead to make an appointment. Sellers will get 40% of the sales price in in-store credit. What a deal!

Buy from them: The racks and shelves at Bootyland are stocked with all kinds of sustainable clothing, and there’s no distinction made between new, recycled or up-cycled pieces. As long as it’s green, you can find it on the shelves, so browse away without the guilt. And with so many original pieces to choose from, you might come away with more than you planned. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.) Parents will also delight in the products and accessories focused on environmental stewardship, like reusable containers, lunch bags and more.

What you’ll love: Bootyland has found a loving home in the heart of Seattle because their commitment to eco-friendly (not to mention ultra cool) products makes for some truly feel-good shopping. Even if you’re buying new, you’re only leaving a little trace. And who doesn’t love artful vintage pieces or up-cycled clothes that breathe new life into tired trends? And then there’s the book collection. Off-beat and sometimes irreverent selections for mom, dad and the kids. Prepare to be amused by the tales they tell.

1815 N. 45th St., Ste 204
Seattle, Wa 98103
Online: and on Facebook

photo: Bootyland <a

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Bonus Tip: Lots of these stores (but not all) are currently taking Halloween costumes. So bring in last year’s and use the store credit to make an even bigger dent in this year’s BTS shopping spree. Then come back for some monster deals on a new-to-you costume in October.

Got a favorite kid’s consignment store for back-to-school shopping? We’d love to hear about it in the Comments below.

— Allison Sutcliffe, Kristina Moy & Allison Rasmussen