You’ve been seeing the signs for months now – your kid needs a new way to channel his or her energy – and with summer time right around the corner, you need to figure something out… and fast! If you’re looking for an activity that will engage your child’s mind and body, as well as teach them a way to manage their energy into something positive (as opposed to using it to jump all over your couch!), consider signing them up for martial arts classes. We’ve pulled together some of the popular martial arts studios in five Seattle neighborhoods, each teaching a slightly different style of martial arts, to help you find one that’s best for your budding black belt.


Washington Karate Association: Ballard Dojo
8618 Third Avenue Northwest, Seattle, Wa 98117

Classes: Kinder Karate for children ages 3-7 years old that focus on games, which allow them to learn the basics of karate, including coordination, focus and how to follow directions. They also have an after-school karate program for school-aged children.

Contact: 206-784-3171 or online at


Master Cho’s Taekwondo
4038 Factoria Boulevard Southeast Suite C, Bellevue, Wa 98006

Classes: Taekwondo classes with Master Cho in Bellevue begin at age four, with students entering all-ages classes (where they’re mixed with kids of different ages and abilities) at age six. Master Cho is an award-winning martial artist and teacher himself and is a great instructor for new or experienced taekwondo students!

Contact: 425-747-0332 or online at


Alpha Martial Arts – Bryant
2923 NE Blakeley Street, Seattle, Wa 98105

Classes: In addition to their Bryant location, Alpha Martial Arts also hosts classes at their Capitol Hill center where students ages four and up study American Kenpo Karate under expert supervision by Alpha staff, all of whom are accomplished martial artists themselves. Be sure to ask about karate birthday parties and camps for your little dragons!

Contact: 206-528-3737 or online at


MKG Martial Arts International
10722 Fifth Avenue Northeast, Seattle, Wa 98125

Classes: MKG is a popular studio in Seattle that offers a variety of different martial arts disciplines, making it a great choice for kids who aren’t exactly sure which type of martial arts they’d like to pursue. Classes begin at age four.

Contact: 206-789-2411 or online at


Hapkido House
1507 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, Wa 98119

Classes: At Hapkido House on Queen Anne, family is key and the Seattle families who flock here are proof. The art of Hapkido focuses on coordinated power – a great lesson for children who are still learning about controlling their physical actions.

Contact: Call 206-599-7777 or online at


Mestre Curisco Capoeira: Capoeira Males
3150 Airport Way South, Seattle, Wa 98134 (In the old Tully’s/Rainier building!)

Classes: Capoeira is a unique form of martial arts that utilizes dancing and music. It originates from Brazil and is a fun and interesting way to get your child involved in martial arts – especially if they have a creative movement side! Check out their CapoKids program and visit their website to see Capoeira in action. Classes begin at age five.

Contact: Online at

Where do you take your mini-black belts for martial arts? Tell us in the comments below!

— Katie Kavulla

Photo via the Facebook pages of Washington Karate: Ballard Dojo and Hapkido House.