60Recess Monkey fans, rejoice!

The super sassy Seattle trio of school teachers drops its newest CD, Field Trip, today. And along with another awesome collection of hand-clappin’, booty-shakin’ kiddie-rock songs with ultra-clever lyrics, the band’s giving a serious bonus track: a week of free shows.

It all starts with a CD release party on Saturday at 11 a.m. at Town Hall Seattle. On Sunday, they’ll serenade passengers on the 11:25 a.m. roundtrip ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. Monday is a 6:30 p.m. picnic on the beach at Golden Gardens Park. The rest of the week’s gigs include venues like an ice arena, a chocolate factory, a library and the top of Smith Tower. [Go to http://www.recessmonkeytown.com/shows.htm for complete details.)

In Field Trip, songsters Jack Forman, Daron Henry and Drew Holloway once again bring their Beatlesesque vibe to catchy tunes about the little things in a child’s life. “Ice Pack” is a hilarious ditty about the scrapes and scars from the playground; “Sack Lunch” is told from the point of view of a crinkly brown bag. “Haven’t Got a Pet Yet” is the ultimate game plan on how to convince your folks to get you a dog. It is Recess Monkey’s storytelling, combined with supreme musicality, which makes their songs so likeable.

And, really, isn’t any band that can write a compelling, entertaining song called “L.I.C.E” (about the obvious) worth listening too?

Recess Monkey’s Field Trip
Available at local retailers: Alphabet Soup Children’s Books, Silver Platters, Sonic Boom and Top Ten Toys. Or, download from www.recessmonkeytown.com.