59It’s that time of year where we celebrate the Main Dude in our lives. We’ve covered the bases with Father’s Day gift ideas for Pops of all persuasions – take your pick!

Budget-friendly & Stylish

He knows you love him to the moon and back, and the feeling is so mutual. But there’s nothing like shouting it to the world. Diaper Dude’s darling t-shirt set makes the case with a guitar-emblazoned “My Kid Totally Rocks” tee for Dad and a “My Dad Totally Rocks” onesie for baby. Available locally at Tottini, Georgia Blu or Kibbn, or online at Diaper Dude.

Middle of the Road

If Daddy-O’s more of an Out-On-The-Town type of guy, take him to Annex Theatre’s Spin the Bottle, Jr. event this Sunday at 2 p.m. The puu puu platter of a show includes a dash of music and theater, a sprinkle of film and plenty of comedy that’s appropriate for all ages. Cost is $5 per ticket and resys aren’t needed. Read more at www.annextheatre.org. Oh, and make it a whole lunch date by grabbing some pizza beforehand at yummy Via Tribunali a few blocks away.

Big Spender
Sure, if Dad’s a sports fan you could always go the home team route with tickets to see the Mariners or Sounders. But how about the REAL home team, as in the US of A? The winter Olympics comes to Vancouver next Feb. and you can get tickets now. From ski jumping to snowboarding to ice hockey, this is the sports-spectator experience of a lifetime.