Nursing a sake hangover may have gone the wayside once the kiddos arrived, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your umami fix at one of Seattle’s fab sushi joints, mini-piscivores in tow. But, it seems like there are as many sushi restaurants in Seattle as there are Starbucks, making it impossible to know which ones are kid-friendly. Here are seven fantastic sushi restaurants all around Seattle and the Eastside that are not only kid-friendly, but kid favorites.

Blue C Sushi
If you ask a random child in Seattle what their favorite sushi restaurant is, more often than not, Blue C is going to be the answer! The sushi is great, but we think what they really love at Blue C (and what keeps them a bit distracted so that you can enjoy your meal too!) is the sushi conveyor belt – instead of your meals being delivered via server, you pick what you’d like to eat from the slow moving belt. Major bonus points to Blue C Sushi for also having an online ordering service for those nights when taking the kids to a restaurant is out of the question.

Six locations around Seattle – they’re everywhere!

Chinoise Café
Families on Queen Anne probably won’t be pleased that we’re sharing their favorite kid-friendly sushi spot, but Chinoise Café is too good to keep to ourselves! Chinoise has an Asian Fusion-style menu, so it’s a nice choice if you have non-sushi eaters in your family as well – everyone will find something they’ll love (the potstickers are a MUST!). This tiny restaurant can get quite packed in the evenings, but the wait goes quickly.

12 Boston Street
Seattle, Wa 98109

Fuji Sushi
Located in Seattle’s International District, families love Fuji Sushi for countless reasons – the sushi is so fresh and delicious and families love the private tatami rooms where you can sit on mats on the floor to enjoy your sushi, just like in a traditional Japanese restaurant. Worried about the having to drive around for days looking for a parking spot? Fuji Sushi validates for the parking lot next door – check out the details on their website. Menu-wise, the kids will love the Bento Boxes, which Fuji Sushi is famous for.

520 South Main Street
Seattle, Wa 98104

I Love Sushi
Say it with some enthusiasm – I love sushi! And that’s exactly how Seattle and Bellevue families feel about the three I Love Sushi locations in the area. Hard-core sushi lovers rave that I Love Sushi serves the freshest sushi in town, which makes it worth the visit alone. And, bonus family-friendly points because you always get seated quickly at I Love Sushi, even during the dinner rush.

Lake Union
1001 Fairview Avenue North
Seattle, Wa 98109

Lake Bellevue
23 Lake Bellevue Way
Bellevue, Wa 98005

Bellevue Main
11818 NE Eighth Street
Bellevue, Wa 98005


Tucked in the Tangletown neighborhood, Kisaku is so welcoming to families who love sushi. Kids are always welcomed with open arms here and they have such a neighborhood restaurant feel – remember your children’s names when you visit often and even what they like to drink. Kisaku is also a good choice for a sushi-lovers date night – sit at the sushi bar for the Omakase – the chef’s choice of what’s best that night.

2121 North 55th Street
Seattle, Wa 98103

Sam’s Sushi
Super casual, super delicious and super family-friendly, Sam’s Sushi is a favorite for both parents and kids. The service is quick and the prices are inexpensive and although Sam’s isn’t the place to come if you’re looking for a chic night out for sushi (Who are we kidding? It’s dinner with the kids!), you’re sure to have a great, easygoing meal at either of the Sam’s locations.

521 Queen Anne Avenue North
Seattle, Wa 98119

5506 22nd Avenue NW
Seattle, Wa 98107


Shun is located just up the street from University Village and it is yet another kid-friendly sushi restaurant in Seattle – in fact, if you’re looking for the most authentic family-friendly Japanese restaurant on this list, Shun is the place to try. Shun comes in a bit higher on the price-scale, but the quality of food is certainly worth it – it will be obvious when you visit that it’s all very fresh and made with a lot of thought to make it as yummy as possible. The miso soup is particularly worth trying at Shun!

5101 25th Avenue NE
Seattle, Wa 98105

There are so many awesome kid-friendly sushi spots in Seattle and the Eastside that there was no way we could include every single one! Please tell us your favorites in the comments below and be sure to share what neighborhood it’s in.

— Katie Kavulla