Congratulations. You survived all of the back-to-school shopping and the tears and jeers from the first month of school. Now it’s time for a date night, and what better way to reconnect with society and your loved one than at the theatre. A night at the theatre will provide all of the drama you’ll find at home, minus the guilt. So dial up the sitter and click through the gallery to see what’s playing on a stage near you this fall.


In 1902 Albert and Mileva Einstein had a daughter. After 1904 she was never seen or spoken of again. Fast forward to 1949 as an insistent reporter searches for answers to Einstein’s secrets, only to discover that not everything adds up.

Dates: Sept. 20–Oct. 21, 2017
Tickets: $15-$47

Taproot Theatre Company
204 N. 85th St.
Seattle, Wa 98103

photo: Taproot Theatre Company

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— Jeffrey Totey

Feature photo courtesy of Michael Doucett for Teatro ZinZanni.