Looking for a quick spring getaway with the fam? A visit to British Columbia will not only leave you and your crew refreshed, but a little smarter. Victoria, BC has a rich and rugged history that began with First Nations people, the original inhabitants of Vancouver Island, and later evolved into a popular trading post and site of the gold rush. So pack up your littlest travelers, leave your car behind and hit this popular tourist destination where you can see the influence of the people throughout the city.

Get Educated at the Royal BC Museum

If you're looking for an outing that will entertain both the kids and adults alike, step into the Royal BC Museum. The museum is located just a few steps from the famous Empress Hotel on Belleville Street. Within the walls of the museum your tykes will encounter displays showing the natural history of British Columbia and First People’s galleries with Totem Hall being the main exhibit. Families will also have the chance to take a trip back in time and explore the history of British Columbia as well.

675 Belleville St.
Victoria BC
Online: royalbcmuseum.bc.ca

photo: Natalia Dotto Photography

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— Natalia Dotto