It’s been around for decades, but the sport of skateboarding is seeing a resurgence. And if you want your kiddos to learn the art of sidewalk surfing, you need to check out the newly opened All Together Skatepark in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. This indoor venue will give even the littlest skater boys and girls a boost of confidence as well as let them practice some sick tricks. And before you know it mom and dad, your kiddos will be calling you mom and dude.


The Sick Design
All Together Skatepark is the only indoor skate park in Seattle and in a city that sees more than its fair share of rain (hello wet-weather-record-breaking month of March) what can be better than a place for the kiddos to ride their boards and practice their ollies. With almost 7,000 square feet of space, this newly designed park has everything a little skater’s heart desires and a few features that might make nervous nellies out of moms and dads. Not to worry, the instructors at ATS have it all under control.


The Scoop on Lessons
If your kiddo is new to riding a skateboard, a group or private lesson is a good way to introduce them to the sport. When you arrive at ATS and check in for a lesson, your little skater will be greeted with an enthusiastic hello and a high five. Skaters will gear up with helmets, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads while you fill out the paperwork and waivers. A quick circle time will then get even the most nervous kids stoked about riding their boards.

Good to know: Before the wheels get rolling in a group lesson, ATS instructors will factor in the variety of ages and skill levels and break the skaters into small groups. Whether your youngster has never set foot on a board before or whether he or she is hoping to perfect their kickflip, skaters will be well taken care of here. And before moms and dads can find a nearby coffee shop and return (Psst… there’s one just around the corner) their little dudes will be skating through the park, more than likely with huge smiles on their faces and being given lots of encouragement.


The Showcase
After a group lesson and a quick drink of water and a snack, it’s time for a skater showcase. Kiddos volunteer to show off what they have learned to rousing applause from instructors, classmates and of course, proud moms and dads. After the showcase, skateboarders can practice what they’ve learned during open skate (for ages 11 and under) until 2 p.m.


Skate Like A Girl
The skatepark has teamed up with the non-profit, Skate Like a Girl, to provide the group lessons with the hopes of creating a safe environment that teaches kiddos not only how to skateboard but how to be a safe skateboarder. Even the most inexperienced skaters can come away from their lesson feeling good about their accomplishments. And forget those notions that skateboarding is for boys… there are plenty of girls, both instructors and students who like to throw on a helmet, grab their skateboard (and maybe a tutu) and learn a few tricks.


Good to Know
If your little skater doesn’t want to battle the bigger kids for a piece of the park, avoid the all ages open skate from 2 p.m.-9 p.m. Instead, stick with the group lessons and the restricted ages open skate.

Open skate for ages 4-11 costs $10 per skater and is held on Saturdays from 12 p.m.-2 p.m. and Sundays from 1 p.m.-2 p.m.

Group lessons for ages 4-11 take place on Sundays from 12 p.m.-2 p.m. Cost is $20. Be sure to check the schedule online; times change during the summer.

Private lessons cost $35 per hour. To schedule a one-on-one lesson with a staff member, send ATS an email using their contact page.

Helmets, pads and skateboards are available for rental. All equipment is included in group lessons.


Helpful Hints
All Together Skatepark is located behind the Fremont Collective (EVO and the restaurants, The Whale Wins and Joule) on the corner of N. 35th St. and Stone Way. There is a small parking lot behind the building; otherwise street parking is plentiful.

If your little dudes think skateboarding is the best thing on, ahem, wheels then you might want to consider a monthly pass or a membership to ATS.

All Together Skatepark
3500 Stone Way N.
Seattle, Wa 98103

Have you been to All Together Skatepark? What skateboard tricks might your family try? Let us know in the comments below.

Words and images by Natalia Dotto and Natalia Dotto Photography