More, Please!

For parents around the world, feeding baby often involves mashing up what is being served the rest of the family, with no tiny  jars to open. In America, we’re led to believe that when babies start solids, the food needs to be bland. Shane and Chantal Valentine have created Alina’s Cucina in hopes of changing that attitude and to provide a virtual community for parents worldwide to get and share information related to growing happy, healthy families.

While the Web site is still in beta, the Valentines describe it as “your baby’s passport to world cuisine.” To that end, the couple has created “The Baby Cuisine Cookbook” that includes 14 recipes from chicken parmesan to Venezuelan guasacaca (a great condiment for meats or dip for breads). Before the Valentines had their first child, Alina, the company’s namesake, they were already planning to make their own baby food. They didn’t feel it made sense to buy jarred purees that they could make easily at home and with better flavor and nutrition. With twins on the way, the Valentines are even more dedicated to spreading the message about introducing your child’s palate to diverse flavors before the age of two.

The $19.97 cover price includes a DVD of Shane Valentine, who is a chef, demonstrating how to make many of the recipes. Visit for a limited-time offer and pricing for multiple copies. You will need to register at Alina’s Cucina to see this recipe for Moroccan Vegetable Stew With Couscous. The membership is free for a limited time, so take advantage of it.

–Hsiao-Ching Chou