163First it was the resurgence of mid-century design. Then the Mini Cooper and VW Beetle made a comeback. And now, cloth diapers, staples of 1950s housewives, have become fashionable again. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, really, as our increasingly green-savvy culture places a premium earth-friendly products, especially where Baby is concerned. But really, good intentions aside, who has the time or energy to wash, dry and fold?

Enter Baby Diaper Service, a company that happily does all the dirty work for you. BDS delivers chemical-free cotton diapers to your doorstep every week and takes the dirty ones away for deep, ultra-hygienic, environmentally-friendly cleaning. Now swaddling your baby’s bottom in soft, comfortable cotton is as easy as ABC. Of course, as DWR has updated the Eames chair, so has Baby Diaper Service brought cloth diapering into the 21st century. Gone are pins and mess. Cloth diapers are now worn with cute diaper wraps that come in a variety of trendy colors, designs and fabrics. The best part? The velcro closures make diaper changes a snap.

The BDS dedicated diaper brigade serves all of King County (as well as six other counties in Western Washington). We must admit, there is something positively “retro chic” about having our own diaper delivery man –someone who knows you and your baby, waves as he picks up your “dirties” and can even offer suggestions about baby skin care and potty training. Can the two-martini play date be far behind?

Baby Diaper Service
Average cost: $16.95/week for 70 newborn diapers
See website for accessory catalog and additional pricing information.