However you spell it – doughnut or donut – it’s a scrumptious treat that’s hard to resist. Ring-shaped or filled, glazed or powdered – donuts are the original comfort food that can satisfy our morning, afternoon or evening sugar cravings. Craving one now? Flip through the gallery to discover our favorite doughnut shops. (Psst… they’re in alphabetical order because we couldn’t possibly rank them!)

Top Pot Doughnuts

Home of the “hand-forged” donut, the first Top Pot Café opened on Capitol Hill in 2002. These delicious classic donuts, based on a 1920’s recipe, were such a hit with Seattleites that you can now find them all over the city and beyond (even in Texas!). Favorites include the old fashioned and the Feather Boa (pink or chocolate icing with coconut shavings). Psst! When President Obama visited Seattle three years ago, he picked a pumpkin old fashioned but, for many kids it's the Chocolate Rainbow that comes out on top!

Good to Know: Want to forge your own donuts? Check out the Top Pot recipe book.

Flagship Café
2124 5th Ave.
Seattle, Wa 98121

Original Café
609 Summit Ave. E.
Seattle, Wa 98102

And many other Puget Sound locations.


photo: Top Pot Doughnuts Facebook page

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— Helen Walker Green