However you spell it – doughnut or donut – it’s a scrumptious treat that’s hard to resist. Ring-shaped or filled, glazed or powdered – donuts are the original comfort food that can satisfy our morning, afternoon or evening sugar cravings. Craving one now? Flip through the gallery to discover our favorite doughnut shops. (Psst… they’re in alphabetical order because we couldn’t possibly rank them!)

Chuck’s Donuts

There’s nothing Max wouldn’t do for a Chuck’s donut, including getting up at 2 a.m. Donut aficionados know you need to be an early bird to get the best – and biggest – donuts in Renton. Chuck's opens at 3 a.m., and closes when the donuts run out – often early in the afternoon. The maple frosted cinnamon roll donut is the way to go (the frosting is super-creamy, melts in your mouth and the cinnamon roll is light and fluffy). Other customer favorites include the delicious buttermilk donut and maple bars. Psst… Chuck’s also makes awesome doughnut holes, perfect for wee ones.

5335 N.E. 4th St.
Renton, Wa 98059

photo: Taylor Taylor Marie Photography

Did we miss your favorite doughnut shop? Tell us about it in the Comments below and we will add it to our list! 

— Helen Walker Green