However you spell it – doughnut or donut – it’s a scrumptious treat that’s hard to resist. Ring-shaped or filled, glazed or powdered – donuts are the original comfort food that can satisfy our morning, afternoon or evening sugar cravings. Craving one now? Flip through the gallery to discover our favorite doughnut shops. (Psst… they’re in alphabetical order because we couldn’t possibly rank them!)

General Porpoise

This Capitol Hill donut shop has proved to be a big hit since it opened its doors in 2016. General Porpoise pastry chef, Clare Gordon’s specialty is fried donuts filled with jams, creams, custards and curds (made fresh with LFdA farm eggs). Vanilla custard, chocolate marshmallow and lemon curd are popular favorites along with rotating seasonal fillings (think peaches and cream, plum jam and white nectarine jam), depending on the day and what local purveyors provide. Psst! General Porpoise has a fridge with bubbles and wine. Read more about General Porpoise here.

Good to Know: Donuts are available for pre-order. Give them a ring and 10 freshly made donuts, chef’s choice, will be ready for pick up.

1060 E. Union St.
Seattle, Wa 98122

photo: Natalia Dotto Photography

Did we miss your favorite doughnut shop? Tell us about it in the Comments below and we will add it to our list! 

— Helen Walker Green