Growing up did you ever imagine that eating food out of a cart would be trendy and delicious? While our parents might never understand the food truck craze, our kids are certain to adopt this foodie habit that has all Seattle families (hell, all American families) in a tizzy. From desserts to tacos to sandwiches, there truly isn’t anything you can’t find on a truck.

Here are Seattle Magazine‘s picks for best food trucks of 2012.

Best Sweet/Dessert
The silken ice creams from Parfait ( are made from scratch (unlike many other ice creams in town, which are made from an ice cream base) and come in sensational flavors like Meyer lemon, mellow and yellow; and mint stracciatella, with bits of dark chocolate and fresh spearmint-infused cream. Two flavors for $4; in a handmade cone $5.

Best Sandwich
Hmmm, is it the shrimp po’ boy popping with Mama Lil’s sweet-hot peppers ($10)? Or the incredible muffaletta, weighed down with tender mortadella, coppa, soprassetta, provolone and olive salad ($9)? It’s a tie. Lucky for us, they come from the same truck:Where Ya At Matt (

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