Food trucks have become our new best friend. With constantly changing locations all over Seattle, half the fun of eating at these mobile eateries is trying to find them in the first place. But the real reward comes in the form of delicious and cheap eats that always keep us coming back for more. In such a foodie city like Seattle, food trucks are becoming an everyday attraction, and our friends over at Seattle Magazine have rounded up their favorite picks for new food trucks in and around the city. Allison Austin Scheff writes:

Crisp Creperie
Just how good can a crêpe be, you ask? Ham and cheese, Nutella and banana: Aren’t they all sort of the same? They’re not, and Crisp Creperie’s delicious, inventive crêpes are proof. Take the roasted turkey version with jalapeño-artichoke spread, roasted peppers and spinach ($10). It’s savory and creamy with a kick, and it’s a knockout. One crêpe plays sweet apples and oozing Brie cheese off prosciutto ($12); another layers bananas on top of ricotta cheese, with maple syrup and cinnamon, too ($8). The menu changes often, but trust owners Jonathan Amato and Evan Mayer, both of whom cooked at restaurants in other states before moving here: Their clever combos taste great.

For the complete list of the best new meals on wheels, truck on over to Seattle Magazine.

photo credit: MARIANA KAJLICH

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