“Big dogs, little dogs, red dogs, blue dogs….“ Dog parks aren’t quite as happening as P.D. Eastman’s Go, Dog. Go!, but they’re still quite a Dog Party. If you’ve got a pooch and a kid (or multiples of either), we’ve rounded up the best places around the city to spend the day with the fam, tails ‘n’ all. Flip through the gallery to get the poop, er scoop.

Marymoor Park

Pooches give Marymoor Park 4 paws up - and kids agree! Dogs and their humans have 40 acres of freedom to roam through winding trails, over bridges, and swim in the refreshing Sammamish River (perhaps just the dogs). There are five different spots to jump into the water and retrieve that soggy old tennis ball again and again. There’s also lots of space to play fetch and tons to explore for keen canine noses and kid noses too. The park itself has no end of interesting activities including a velodrome, model airplane flying area and even a cricket pitch!

Insider Tip: There’s an espresso stand at the front of the park if you're looking for a little pick-me-up before or after your visit.

Good to Know: Bring cash for the $1 parking fee.

Marymoor Park
6046 W. Lake Sammamish Parkway N.E.
Redmond, Wa 98052
Online: kingcounty.gov/marymoor

photo: Bob Scola, Dogs of Marymoor Park Facebook page

Dog Park Etiquette for Kids
Kids and dogs can have a very special relationship, but please use caution in the dog park. Remember that this is the pooches’ park and little ones need to know how to behave around dogs. Here are some tips to keep everyone in your brood safe and happy:

1. Never bring food or toys to the park (dog toys are fine, or course).

2. Keep a close eye on your kids, especially tots.

3. Discourage your kids from running, dogs may think they want to play chase.

4. Teach your tyke to always ask the dog’s human if it’s OK to pet their dog.

5. Dog parks are not the place to help your little one get over their fear of dogs – there’s too many dogs, and most are in that rambunctious,”Hey, wanna play?” mood. Setting up a quiet meeting with a friend or family member’s mellow dog is a much better place to start.

Where is your favorite off-leash area? Tell us about it in a comment below.

— Helen Walker Green