Baby it’s cold outside. But don’t let the cold bother you. Embrace it by tracking down a Seattle cafe that boasts a cup of hot chocolate that’s a step above the rest. Scroll through the gallery to discover our favorite spots to enjoy a chocolatey cup with your sidekick.


Chocolopolis is a chocolate boutique that appeals to connoisseurs who can distinguish between percentages and origins. You can choose from more than eight different drinking chocolates on the menu or you can pick any chocolate bar in the store and they will turn it into hot chocolate.

The Sweet Details: Chocolopolis offers a large selection of single-origin drinking chocolates, including Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Sao Tome. If you want to kick your cup up a notch, add house-made vanilla marshmallows, orange oil, peppermint oil or infused milk.

Good to Know: The kids’ hot chocolate contains half the amount of chocolate, so it’s not as intense. Note their new location next to the Magnolia Bridge in the Interbay WorkLofts. 

1631 15th Ave. W., Suite 111
Seattle, Wa 98119

Fran’s Chocolates

Among their four boutiques, the Fran’s U-Village locale displays chocolate like a jewelry store displays diamonds; but don’t let the fancy interior intimidate you. The chocolate displays are a testament to the love put into these delectable treats. If you can manage to pry yourselves away from the selection of truffles, place your order for Dark Hot Sipping Chocolate. With a 3 oz. and 5 oz. option, your petite connoisseurs are sure to enjoy a belly full of chocolate-y goodness.

The Sweet Details: Each cup comes with a perfect mound of whipped cream and an additional chocolate square for the road (although it is perfectly acceptable to consume immediately).

Good to Know: Feel free to linger at a table while sipping away. And be kind to your barista; they are known to offer up samples of their tastiest morsels.

University Village
2626 N.E. University Village St.
Seattle, Wa 98105

Downtown Seattle
1325 1st Ave.
Seattle, Wa 98101

Old Bellevue
10036 Main St.
Bellevue, Wa 98004

5900 Airport Way S.
Seattle, Wa 98108


Red Cup Espresso

Need a little caffeine fix but it’s pouring down rain or (gasp!) snowing? Is the thought of schlepping little ones inside a cafe just a little too much to bear? It’s time for a drive thru hot chocolate fix! And Red Cup Espresso in West Seattle has your backseat brood under control.

The Sweet Details: Each order of their kids' hot chocolate is warmed to the perfect temperature (as not to burn little tongues) and comes piled high with a whipped cream mountain atop the lid. But they don't stop there! Red Cup goes one extra step by taking that heap of creamy white and topping it with sparkly sprinkles. Once your kiddos summit Mt. Sprinkle, they are greeted by hot chocolate heaven. Another reason you need to add Red Cup Espresso to your list of drive thru musts.

4451 California Ave. S.W.
Seattle, Wa 98116
Facebook: Red-Cup-Espresso/266816343350800?ref=br_tf

ETG Coffee & Bakery

This tiny independent artisan cafe and bakery in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood was the first coffee house in Fremont to start serving espresso back in 1982. Over the years, its become known for its ever growing and evolving menu of signature baked goods, Guittard dark chocolate mochas and other hand crafted espresso drinks along with its homemade chai and staff of witty, charming and eclectic baristas.

The Sweet Details: Hot cocoa connoisseurs will love the homemade marshmallow that sits on top of each decadent cup of hot chocolate.

Good to Know: This sweet little cafe and bakery roasts its own organic, fair-trade coffee purchased from small farms and cooperatives in Central America, Indonesia and Africa. It also bakes all of its own pastries—from cakes to cookies to pies, you will have no problem finding a sweet accompaniment to your cup of hot cocoa.

ETG Coffee & Bakery
3512 Fremont P.l N.
Seattle, Wa 98103

photo: Allison Holm

El Diablo Coffee Co.

El Diablo Coffee Co. claims a prime spot in Upper Queen Anne, right next to Queen Anne Book Company. This vibrant, kid-friendly coffee house serves up fantastic Cuban coffee and authentic Mexican hot chocolate seven days a week. Each cup of Mexican hot chocolate is prepared with authentic Ibarra Chocolate from Jalisco, Mexico and spiced with cinnamon, vanilla and sprinkles, of course! If you and your little hot chocolate connoisseur are Theo chocolate fans (and really, who isn’t?), order up a Theo hot chocolate with a touch of vanilla or go for the Theo drinking chocolate with house-made marshmallow.

Good to Know: El Diablo Coffee Co. has a small play corner with toys and books and jars of kid-friendly snacks, for purchase, lining the counter (think animal crackers, raisins and lollipops).

El Diablo Coffee Co.
1811 Queen Anne Avenue N., #101
Seattle, Wa 98109

photo: Oddfellows Cafe Bar

Oddfellows Cafe + Bar

Located in a quirky 'hood on Capital Hill, Oddfellows Cafe + Bar serves up comfort food (the kind grandma used to make) alongside scrumptious pastries, decadent confections and the most marshmallowy hot chocolate you've ever tasted. Each cup of chocolatey goodness comes piled high with Oddfellows house-made marshmallows and a dusting of chocolate. Grab a spoon and some extra napkins and get ready to delight your sweet tooth.

Good to Know: Oddfellows Cafe + Bar serves an impressive weekend brunch from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and is open weekdays from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. and 5 p.m.-midnight. They also take reservations for parties of 6 or more after 4 p.m.

1525 10th Avenue
Seattle, Wa 98122

photo: Jenifer Castillo

Dubsea Coffee

Take a trip a little off the beaten path and find your way to the Greenbridge neighborhood nestled in White Center. Dubsea Coffee is well worth the trek, and is settled comfortably among bright and colorful housing and the vibrant local community center. A cup of hot chocolate is filled with rich, deep flavors and is topped with a hazelnut whipped cream.

Good to Know: Little ones can enjoy a dedicated play area while you settle in and appreciate local artwork beautifully displayed throughout the space and unwind with free Wi-Fi.

9910 8th Ave. S.W.
Seattle, Wa 98106

Le Pichet

If you're looking for a little taste of Paris, Le Pichet (nestled in the heart of downtown Seattle) is the place to go. The chocolat chaud is spoon-thick, rich and comes with fresh whipped cream on the side. You also can order a more traditional hot chocolate that’s more easily drinkable.

Good to Know: The space is too tight for strollers so bring the Ergo, but there’s banquette seating for the little ones.

1933 1st Ave.
Seattle, Wa 98101

Dilettante Mocha Café

Chocolate can be very personal; a debate between whether dark or milk chocolate is better can polarize a conversation. This is why Dilettante made our list for best places to grab hot chocolate; you get to choose your favorite. With six (very difficult) choices; extra dark, Mexicano, dark, ephemere dark, milk and white, every visit to Dilettante is different. With melting pots behind the counter, each cup of hot chocolate is melted down to liquid perfection. This is the perfect place to bring your mini-chocolate lover to determine where their chocolate loyalties lay (nudge nudge – white chocolate).

Good to Know: The Kent Station Dilettante location has an enormous brick fireplace located directly outside the store that is a delightful place to cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate on a cool evening.

Take Note: Dilettante has two locations inside SeaTac Airport. Finding these locations is well worth lugging your carry-on to; as they will help quell any pre-trip folly.

Westlake Tower
1601 5th Ave.,Ste 100
Seattle 98101

Downtown Seattle - Denny Regrade
818 Stewart St.
Seattle, Wa 98101

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - Central Terminal
17801 International Blvd.
Sea-Tac, Wa 98158

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - North Satellite NS-3K (N Gates)
17801 International Blvd.
Sea-Tac, Wa 98158

Kent Station
514 Ramsay Way
Kent, Wa 98032

Bellefield Office Park
1450 114th Ave. S.E., Suite 120
Bellevue, Wa 98004


Caffè Umbria

With three locations open in Seattle, Pioneer Square, Westlake and Ballard, Caffè Umbria offers the Italian take on hot chocolate. It’s a thicker, spoonable chocolate that’s served with whipped cream.

Good to Know: In addition to a “moka bar,” drip coffees and number of traditional espresso-based Italian drinks served in colorful Italian ceramics, Umbria’s Ballard location offers baked goods from Le Panier and Macrina, light lunch offerings from Volterra, a Tuscan-inspired restaurant next door and a good selection of Italian wine and beer.

Pioneer Square
320 Occidental Ave. S.
Seattle, Wa 98104

1201 Westlake Ave. N.
Seattle Wa 98109

5407 Ballard Ave. N.W.
Ballard, Wa 98107



If you're looking for a cup of hot chocolate that is thick and creamy and oh-so delicious, look no further than Chocolati. This popular cafe, with locations in Greenwood, Wallingford and Green Lake as well as the Downtown Library, doesn't serve hot cocoa made with water or milk. Nope. They serve what is technically known as "drinking chocolate." In addition to house faves like the Dark House Hot Chocolate with dark chocolate marshmallows, the cafe offers a robust menu of specialty hot chocolates. Get your chocolately cup infused with lavender, raspberry, Irish cream, peanut butter, peppermint, cayenne and the list goes on. sure to save room for one of their delish truffles or add a slice of quiche or a croissant to your order to balance out all the sweetness. 

The Sweet Details: First time visitors are known to receive a complimentary truffle with their order.

8319 Greenwood Ave. N.
Seattle, Wa 98103

7810 E. Greenlake Dr. N.
Seattle, Wa 98103

1716 N. 45th St.
Seattle, Wa 98103

Online: and on Facebook

Arosa Cafe

Located in Madison Park, Arosa Cafe has been serving up delish cups of espresso and hot cocoa to families for over 21 years. This warm and friendly neighborhood cafe uses a proprietary, microroasted blend from Fonte Coffee in their handcrafted cups of Joe, imported Swiss chocolate in their mochas and hot chocolate and organic milk (including soy, rice and almond).

The Sweet Details: Arosa Cafe mixes fresh shaved chocolate into each steaming cup of cocoa and serves world famous Belgian Liege snack waffles that are so naturally sweet, you won't even miss the syrup. And don't forget about their grilled panini sandwiches, made with a tangy olive oil blend and only the freshest ingredients.

Good to Know: The cafe is located within walking distance of the Arboretum, so it's the perfect place to fuel up before your walk or warm up afterwards.

3121 E Madison St., Ste 101
Seattle, Wa 98112

photo: Jenifer Castillo

Chocolate Box

Located a hop, skip and a jump from Pike Place Market, Chocolate Box is the last stop on our bestest list. This gem is well known for sourcing the finest local chocolate, including favorites such as Theo and Forte’. After you take in the surrounding indulgences, make your way to the back of the store and have a seat at the chocolate bar. The high table top allows you to converse with the Chocolatier who is happy to provide suggestions. Your only dilemma here will be actually making a decision; of course, it will be hard to choose wrong.

The Sweet Details: The European sipping chocolates are sure to whisk your taste buds away to a café abroad without leaving the comforts of the chocolate bar. If you are lucky enough to visit on a Saturday, you can also delight in a cup of Venezuelan Black sipping chocolate. It won’t take much of this dark, creamy treat to tie your cravings over. Sipping chocolate aside, you are also able to choose a classic hot chocolate. Drinks can be personalized by adding flavors such as peanut butter, salted caramel or some of their classic flavored marshmallows. That’s right, you can add on marshmallows with flavors including vanilla, pumpkin, caramel, or peppermint and the list goes on.

Good to Know: Chocolate Box shares space with another hometown icon, Cupcake Royale. Once you have sipped to your heart’s content, walk through the opening and be greeted by perfectly topped, fluffy cupcakes that seem to call out to you. If your Chocolate Box experience left you with little room to spare, keep in mind that Cupcake To Go boxes are aplenty.

106 Pine St.
Seattle, Wa 98101

Did we miss your favorite spot? Where do you go for hot chocolate in the Emerald City? Spill below!

— Jenifer Castillo and Kristina Moy