Does your sidekick have an over-active imagination or like to spontaneously perform in front of guests during inappropriate times? Channel that energy into something good by investing in acting classes. Besides being fun, acting can bring out the wallflower, develop self-discipline, encourage problem solving, take away the fear of public speaking and improve social skills. If you’ve been looking for ways to keep your little performer busy this summer, click through the gallery for our area’s best acting classes.

Bellevue Youth Theatre

BYT has something for everyone – no experience required - and kids with disabilities are encouraged to join in, too. Budding thespians not only get to enjoy some fantastic theatre camps, but they can also take part in one of BYT's main stage productions. (Psst... kids need to audition but a part is guaranteed!). And the fun isn’t limited to just the kids; the whole family can participate as well. And for those who do better behind the stage, BYT offers spots for those interested in set design, construction, lighting, costumes and stage crew.

Good to Know: Participation in BYT’s stage productions are FREE to Bellevue residents.

Box Office: Camps and productions are available for ages 8 and older. The under 8 set can participate if a parent/guardian remains with them the whole time.

Bellevue Youth Theatre
16051 N.E. 10th St.,
Bellevue, Wa 98008
425-452 -7155

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind:
1. Summer camps and classes fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate. Book now!

2. Kids tend to do better when paired with their reading level rather than their actual age. Camps and programs for younger children require very little reading or memorization.

3. Many classes offered are available for both younger and older children. Some older children may feel uncomfortable with a group of “little kids,” so check with the class instructor to see how many older kids have signed up for the same class to help base your decision.

4. Because acting classes are a collaborative environment, don’t sign your kid up if they won’t be able to attend every class as missing students can disrupt the flow.

5. Most programs and classes offer refunds if they don’t work out for your kid, but each varies so be sure that you understand what the class or camp refund policy is before you sign up.

Does our little actor or actress have a favorite acting class or camp? Tell us about it in the Comments below. 

— Jeffrey Totey