Quick! Go grab your thinking cap! Can’t find it since you became a parent? Hmm. That’s weird. Try checking under the dozens of baskets of dirty laundry piled around your house. Or, maybe in the trunk of your car under the stinky soccer gear? Thinking cap or no, these Seattle-area bloggers will kick your brain into gear every time they post. Add them to your must-follow list… and also to your to-read-when-I-have-more-than-30-seconds list. Yup, we have one of those lists too.

Northwest Thrifty Moms

Moms of Seattle! Stop scouring the internet and Facebook for every single money saving deal you can find before you shop online or head out into our glorious city to get what you need (um, and want!). Make your first stop Thrifty NorthWest Mom! We all know that living in the city is expensive and with little ones who seem to grow out of their shoes the second you get them home from the store (what's with that, anyway?), having the moms of Thrifty NorthWest Mom hold our hands through some money saving tips is so wonderful. Add them to your daily reading list... after all, you have to find the extra change to pay for those increased Starbucks prices somehow!

Find it: thriftynorthwestmom.com

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Which Seattle mom and dad bloggers kick your brain into gear? Tell us in the comments!

— Katie Kavulla

Photos courtesy of the lovely bloggers listed.