Your little scholar made it through the first few weeks back… and so did you! But summer’s unstructured style is seriously clashing with the seat time that’s all part of the back-to-school routine. Make the most of your little mover and shaker’s extra energy at BoomShaka, the world’s largest indoor aerial arts park. Read on for the high-flying deets!


The Experience
When you’re putting together the world’s largest aerial arts park, it means you can go beyond the basic tramp-filled room, and outfit the warehouse with a whole slew of circus arts options that families can’t find anywhere else. They’re the things your energetic entourage will be totally drawn to, and it’s what sets this extreme air sports park apart from the rest.


A Course for Ninja Warrior Wannabes 
The Ninja Obstacle Course, where families can practice the mad skills they see on American Ninja Warrior as they work their way over, under and around all sorts of challenging obstacles is the first eye-catching “new addition” to the typical indoor sports park experience. (Psst…BoomShaka’s parent company, CircusTrix, actually sponsors ninja warrior, Kevin Bull.) All the foam pits, some with ramps and springs for kiddos to launch themselves off of, or resting below the rock-climbing wall for little monkeys to drop in to, come next. Followed by the slackline, trapeze and cloud swings, a few other choices faves that go beyond the basic bounce, so your little flyer can test out balance, try tricks and catch air in all different kinds of ways.


Play Ball
But that’s not all in this original lineup. Families can also play some ball on the AirDunk nets in the back, or try to get each other “out” during a round of extreme dodgeball on the backcourts. This is also where you’ll find the moveable parkour course and foam mosh pit for the tot lot, front and center, so parents can hang will their mini-est filers while still being able to keep an eye on older sibs. That’s one great thing about this park, it’s easy to keep an eye on everyone from almost any corner of the warehouse, so if you’re chasing after one you can still spot the other(s).


Jump, Jump, Jump
And of course there’s the open jump area, 60 interconnected trampolines, with vertical walls and launch pads, waiting for the whole fam to get in on the fun. These standard tramps are a great place to start, to acclimate the kiddos. Plus, they make a great vantage spot to plan your next off the wall adventure!


The Ginormous Space
This brand spanking new facility is open and light, and once you enter, you hardly remember that you’re in a warehouse. It’s got an updated feel that combines comic book pizazz with theater lighting elements, so the end product feels more like a family-friendly nightclub than anything else. Add to this a Jumbotron in the middle of all the action, where you can stream pics of your own cutie pies taking flight or send short vids of your crew getting their jump on. End it all with background music that’s loud enough to make you want to dance (or in this case bounce), but not so overwhelming your kidlet can’t be heard, and you’ve got an inviting space for everyone.


Take a Break
If your mini bouncer needs a break, there are benches and funky chairs set out around the park for parents to take a load off or help a wound-up kid catch his or her breath. There’s also a lounge area with plenty of couch space and a small snack nook with vending machines where you can take a breather, grab a drink or find something to munch on. The upstairs mezzanine is another great getaway spot if you need it, and since it overlooks the bounce space, you won’t miss a beat…err… bounce.


Prepare for Take Off!
If you’re ready to get flying, here’s what you need to know to make it happen:

1. First things first, everyone that jumps needs to fill out a waiver (even you, mom and dad). If you don’t do it online before you head down, you can fill one out at the kiosks when you get there.

2. “Flights” depart every half hour and last either one or two hours, depending on the ticket you purchase, which you can get online or once you arrive. We suggest getting there about 15 minutes before “departure” to get checked in and get everyone settled. Psst… 2-hour flight passes aren’t offered on Fridays, Saturdays or holidays (and BoomShaka’s closed on Sundays).

3. No socks necessary to bounce here. In fact, you can’t wear them. But if you’re not into the barefoot thing, you can get gripper socks at BoomShaka.

4. At BoomShaka, they’re all about shareability. In fact, they love it when you shoot, tag and share bits and clips of your fam’s adventure on your favorite social media platform while you’re there. That means cameras and selfie sticks are fair game, even when you’re jumping. Hello, awesome pics of your sidekick! Plus, you can save on some green ($1) when you check in on social media.

5. Jump with your kiddos. You don’t have to, but….trust us, it’s a blast!


Special Events
BoomShaka’s got some pretty sweet weekly events with total family appeal that are worth checking out. We’re crushing on KidJump, which happens Mondays through Saturdays, from 9-10 a.m. It’s just for kids (6 & under) and their parents. Here the Littles rule the roost (you know, kind of like they do at you place) and parents get to jump for FREE! BoomShaka’s Family Night (Mondays, from 6 p.m.-9 p.m.) is another notable. Bring your whole crew to bounce for just $35 for the whole hour! It doesn’t get easier than that.


Make it a Staycay
Fall is an awesome time to take a mini staycay with your crew. And our state capitol has it totally going on in the autumn. From historic tours and a sweet children’s museum, to pumpkin patches serving up the best apple cider you’ve ever tasted, you can easily rock the weekend in Oly after you’ve worked out all those wiggles at BoomShaka. Check out our picks for a complete eat, stay, play Olympia getaway!

7960 Center St. S.W.
Olympia, Wa 98501
Online: and on Facebook

Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Fri. & Sat. 9 a.m.-midnight
Cost: $10/1 hr. flight or $15/2 hr. flight (6 & under); $13/1 hr. flight or $20/2 hr. flight (7 & older)

Do you plan to visit BoomShaka? Have you already been? Tell us about your experience in the Comments below!

— Allison Sutcliffe (all photos courtesy of the writer)