With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and your schedule as busy as ever, it might be difficult to plan that perfect romantic night on the February 14th. Here’s an idea: try celebrating Valentine’s Day a little early this year, where you’re more likely to snag that reservation at your favorite restaurant and less likely to see copious amounts of PDA from new couples celebrating their first V-Day together (ah, remember those days?). We’ve got the scoop on the perfect early-date-night event that will give you and that special someone the opportunity to snuggle up, get cozy and settle in for a night all to yourselves.

Central Cinema combines dinner and a movie into one “Dinner Theater” experience that’s affordable and intimate. While you won’t want to come here for first-run Hollywood movies, you should definitely stop in for a mix of old classics, crazy cult movies, and newer independent films. Waiters bring your orders right to you so you never have to leave the comfort of their plush sofa seating and they even have a bar that’s open for all showings (just to make sitting through that’s kid’s feature a little more bearable.) They even play a short cartoon before the main feature, giving you plenty of time to get comfortable with your date and order a drink or two.

The kitchen offers an extensive menu for a movie theater–you won’t see any snack bar at this place!–with options for salads, sandwiches and stone-cooked pizzas, all of which look and smell delicious. They even put a new spin on traditional theater eats by serving popcorn topped with your choice of Real Butter, Brewers Yeast, Curry Powder, Garlic Powder or Cinnamon Sugar. Couple that with a fresh pint of your favorite lager and you’re ready to settle in for the perfect pre-Valentine’s Day date night.

Be sure to swing by on a Thursday when Central Cinema hosts “Cartoon Happy Hour.” They show free cartoons for the kiddos while the adults can take advantage of the discounted menu and drinks. Check out their showtime calendar to plan your next night out and enjoy the show!

— Scott Wardell

Photo Credit: Popcorn and Menu at Central Cinema by Seattle Bon Vivant