Between your kids tumbling from couch to couch and juggling after school schedules, parenting can sometimes feel like a circus. Take the night off from your own acrobatic feats and head to Cirque du Soleil’s newest touring show, Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities. Playing under the iconic blue-and-yellow Big Top at Marymoor Park through March 22, this kid-friendly show will ignite your imagination inside a mechanical world where curios come to life, contortionists twist and turn on a mechanical hand and dinner parties literally get turned upside down.


photo: Martin Girard/

The Show
Kurios serves up everything you know and love about Cirque du Soleil performances from high flying acts that make you gasp in wonder to dazzling sets with the most intricate of details. But, what makes this imaginative show so thrilling for kids is the combination between stunning acrobatics you’ve come to expect from Cirque and more subtle, humorous acts that showcase shadow puppetry and yo-yo masters.


 photo: Martin Girard/Cirque du Soleil

From act to act, your kids will be transported into a magical world of curiosity as they marvel at “siamese twins” hanging in the air by straps soaring above the stage, an acrobat who is suspended in mid-air as she rides her bike upside down and an artist who tells a story with just his fingers as his shadow is projected onto a hot air balloon screen. The entire show is set to music (the musicians are located behind the stage) and an Industrial Revolution-inspired set that includes a mechanical hand, a train and a raised walkway.

While your kids may not totally grasp what each character represents or the intricacies of the show’s storyline, there’s no doubt their curiosity will be awakened by the thrilling acrobatics and amazing stunts.


photo: Martin Girard/

Good to Know:

• The show runs 2 hours and 10 minutes including a 25-minute intermission and strollers are not allowed in the arena. 

• While a couple of toddlers were spotted in the audience, Kurios is best suited for kids ages six and older. 

• The rows of seats are very narrow meaning if kiddo needs a bathroom break in the middle of an act or you need to step outside, you’ll need to climb over everyone in your row to exit. We suggest scoring a seat at the aisle or the very first row in sections 200-204 where you won’t have anyone sitting in front of you.

• Restrooms are located outside the tent so bring along a rain coat or umbrella if the skies are unforgiving. During intermission the restroom lines can get long, so plan accordingly.

• Parking costs $15 (cash) per car.

• Refreshments and snacks are available when you enter the Big Top and are allowed at your seat. No outside food or drink is allowed.

• No photography (of any kind) is allowed inside the Big Top, so leave your fancy camera behind. If you want to grab a keepsake photo, bring your iPhone and grab a pic in front of the Big Top or inside the entrance tent.

• If you really want to impress your kids, purchase VIP tickets. Not only will you have awesome seats, but you will get to enjoy delish food one-hour before the show and at intermission and will get to take home a show program and souvenir photo.


photo: Martin Girard/

Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities
Under the Big Top at King County’s Marymoor Park
6046 W. Lake Sammamish Pkwy. N.E.
Redmond, Wa 98052
Buy Tickets:

Dates: Jan. 29-Mar. 22, 2015

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— Erin Lem