From curing diseases to curing pork belly; running marathons to running start-ups, Seattle is filled with thousands of dads that make being cool look easy. Just in time for Father’s Day, read on for our list of some of Seattle’s best known and under-the-radar dads that rock (without trying too hard).

Darrell Cavens

Darrell Cavens is founder and CEO of the Seattle-based kid and parent daily deal startup zulily. In less than five years Cavens has grown zulily from a fledgling start-up with a handful of employees into a thriving business employing more than 300 people out of headquarters in SoDo. The former Blue Nile exec defines success by, “delivering great products and being able to go to a birthday party with my daughter and say, ‘I work at zulily,’ and parents telling me, ‘I love it! I just got a pair of boots for my daughter there.’ That gets me excited.” The dad of a seven-year-old girl and five-year-old boy, Cavens clocks out at 5 p.m. Fridays for dinner out with his family. “They get to pick where,” Cavens says. “It doesn’t matter how busy we get, those Friday meals are always my number one priority.”

Seattle is brimming with cool dads. Who else should we add to our list?

Written by: Sara Billups