From curing diseases to curing pork belly; running marathons to running start-ups, Seattle is filled with thousands of dads that make being cool look easy. Just in time for Father’s Day, read on for our list of some of Seattle’s best known and under-the-radar dads that rock (without trying too hard).

John Clifford

It’s hard to dream up a cooler job than John Clifford’s--the Director of Operations for Pagliacci Pizza even has the name of kids’ all-time favorite food in his job title! Clifford has been working for the beloved local pizza chain for just more than a decade. Although his current role involves making sure all Pagliacci locations are running smoothly, “Most people are surprised that I make pizzas in the stores most nights of the week. But that’s a big part of the Pagliacci culture," Clifford says. “From ownership on down there is a lot of active support to the stores.” Clifford got his start as a crewmember making salads at the Pagliacci on Broadway and says he’s been in just about every job role the company offers. And get this: He still loves being in the kitchen after his work day. “I’ve become a pretty good at-home cook over the years,” Clifford says. “I cook almost every meal we eat and manage to make most of them taste great.” Clifford and his fiancée Audrey have 7-month-old daughter Charlotte Jaymes. Since he has Mondays off, Clifford makes it a father-daughter day, spending time running errands, walking the dog and cooking up a storm.

Seattle is brimming with cool dads. Who else should we add to our list?

Written by: Sara Billups