From curing diseases to curing pork belly; running marathons to running start-ups, Seattle is filled with thousands of dads that make being cool look easy. Just in time for Father’s Day, read on for our list of some of Seattle’s best known and under-the-radar dads that rock (without trying too hard).

Bill Gates

While Microsoft founder Bill Gates still serves as Non-Executive Chairman, he stopped clocking hours on the Microsoft campus five years ago in order to focus on philanthropic endeavors at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The man spearheading work to eradicate polio by 2018 is also the father of three. On the Today show earlier this year, Gates talked about parenting, revealing that he didn’t give the green-light for his kids to have cell phones until their 13th birthday. While daughters Rory and Jennifer are both old enough to use cells, his youngest Phoebe is still waiting.

Seattle is brimming with cool dads. Who else should we add to our list?

Written by: Sara Billups