From curing diseases to curing pork belly; running marathons to running start-ups, Seattle is filled with thousands of dads that make being cool look easy. Just in time for Father’s Day, read on for our list of some of Seattle’s best known and under-the-radar dads that rock (without trying too hard).

Dave Matthews

There’s Dave Matthews the musician: Between 2000 and 2010 his band sold more concert tickets than any other musical group in North America. And there’s Dave Matthews the philanthropist: Last month his band's Bama Works Fund awarded a grant totaling $100,000 to the Texas Disaster Relief Efforts Fund to support victims and recovery after a deadly explosion in West, Texas last April. Then there’s Dave Matthews the local: All around town Seattleites have stories about Matthews sightings, ranging from randomly spotting the star in the aisles of Bartell in Wallingford or grabbing a coffee at Zoka in Tangletown. When he's not traveling the world playing music, Matthews is home with his wife, their twin daughters Stella Busina and Grace Anne and son August Oliver.

Seattle is brimming with cool dads. Who else should we add to our list?

Written by: Sara Billups