Terri Glaberson, CoolMom ED is heading to D.C. to talk with Senators and their staffers about the need for a strong climate bill this year. She will be heading eastterri headshot October 20 with a handful of other environmental group leaders to press for a bill before the December Copenhagen Summit.

Terri would like to take with her 350 letters, the number representing the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, to present to the Senators in D.C. on why Moms and Dads feel that climate change is important and the need for a strong climate bill THIS year. Can you send her a letter, photos, and/or artwork?

Send an electronic letter here and see the key problems associated with climate change or email to her directly at terri@coolmom.org

or send by snail mail
Terri Glaberson
c/o CoolMom
PO Box 46228
Seattle, WA 98146

Please help Terri send a strong message to our Washington Senators that climate change is paramount and that they MUST pass a strong climate bill THIS year!
Write your letter today.